About The Founders

Riddhi Oswal

Co-founder of Stop The B


Riddhi is a 17-year-old student, upcoming singer aspiring engineer and co-founder of Stop the B. After experiencing bullying and the stigmatising effect of double-punishment at her previous school in Switzerland, Riddhi was determined to turn her negative experience into a positive one, by creating a campaign to help stop bullying and bystanding.

Eager to create a campaign that inspires a Gen Z audience, Riddhi is trying to ensure her campaign is as interactive as possible by inviting people to share their experiences and use StopTheB as a platform that creates awareness, support and encouragement for victims, whilst at the same time creating competitions to inspire people to become active bystanders.

Riddhi’s music is also largely based on the oppression and injustice she felt as a victim of bullying.

Vasundhara Oswal

Co-founder of Stop The B


Vasundhara – aged 23– was inspired to create Stop The B after witnessing her younger sister being bullied at school. She is also the co-founder of StopTheB, an entrepreneur, and is also currently working in the family business as the executive director and head of finance of a new business venture in Africa. Vasundhara believes that StopTheB is a force for good which seeks to empower people to become ‘active bystanders’ by removing the stigma associated with speaking out and reporting bullying.  

As a regular user of social media, she believes that StopTheB and its social media platforms can serve as a useful way to teach and educate people about the harmful impact of bullying and to bring them together on this increasingly relevant, but largely ignored topic. In particular, she believes that creating an inclusive online community can help people to share their experiences with a like-minded group of young people.